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SharePoint List Filter

SharePoint List Filter is a web part which allows you to filter out data in SharePoint lists and/or document libraries.
SharePoint List Filter

Administrator Guides

Version Compatibility

There are separate versions of SharePoint List Filter for SharePoint 2010 Foundation/Server, SharePoint 2013 Foundation/Server.

SharePoint List Filter SharePoint 2010 Foundation SharePoint 2010 Server SharePoint 2013 Foundation SharePoint 2013 Server
1.9 Foundation
1.9 Server
2.2 Foundation
2.2 Server


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Filtering control types

  • Simple text
  • AutoComplete
  • Text with options enables select filtering type
  • Date
  • DateRange
  • Boolean
  • DropDown list represents unique values of field
  • DropDown multiselect
  • User or Group
  • Taxonomy Term Picker
  • Multi-select CheckBoxList

Getting started

1. Activate SPListViewFilter feature on SiteCollection Features;
2. Open List (Document Library) view page in design mode;;
3. Add SPListViewFilter webpart on the page;
4. Connect SPListViewFilter webpart to ListView webpart;
5. Customize fields showing in filter using webpart setting panel;

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